How do I begin trading?

Start by signing up for our Robot service, after that we will suggest a broker to you, and you can either work with this broker or any of the other brokers available to you.

I'm from the US can I make an account with you?

We accept users from all over the world, and have brokers who do the same, so you are more than welcome here.

How much do I need to deposit?

Minimum deposit ranges from 200 USD to 250 USD, but we recommend 500 USD, as it will trigger the deposit bonus with most brokers. The bonus varies from broker to broker.

Who's trading for me?

We have professional in-house traders who deliver the signals along with some computer algorithms that give signals based on various models.

What's the Win rate with your Robot

Right now the average win rate is 86% on low and medium signals.

What's the best settings?

It doesn't exist! We will do everything we can to make sure our traders perform good on all settings. But if you're brand new to Binary trading, theese settings is good to start with:
10/25 USD a trade. Maximum trades a day 10. Stop loss 50. And all the other settings as was when you logged in.

Can I connect my existing binary broker account?

We're currently not offering support to connect existing accounts to our Robot. However, we do offer many different brokers, so there will always be one you can work with.

Why isn't my account trading?

Make sure that your trading status is active! Please be patient until the signals start coming in. We're not offering 60 second trade signals, because our traders are not specialists in these signals.

How do I withdraw money?

Depositing and withdrawing funds will be handled by the broker.

Can I have more than one broker working on the Robot?

Yes. You're more than welcome to open and deposit with more than one broker, this way you can have different trade settings for each broker.

How can I contact you?

Either reach us on the live chat if we're online, or leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why didn't I win my first trade?

We're not perfect. Sometimes our robot will lose trades. Please refer to the question "What's the Win rate with your Robot".

How do I get more trades?

Each broker accept different assets, and expiry times. That means some of our signals can't be placed with all brokers. If you want to see more trades we recommend adding more broker accounts to the robot.

That’s it, you are ready!
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