How it all works!

Dashboard overview

When you have created you free account here at Binary Option Auto Trading, the first thing you will see is you own personal dashboard with all the trading settings.

Each broker account that you have connected to your Binary Option Auto Trading account, will have its own individual dashboard. This allows you to personalize the settings for each specific broker account.

On the broker connection bar you can see information concerning the broker account and you also find three buttons. The first one called “Settings” will open and close the trading settings area. All items in "Settings" area is explained below in this guide in details.

Next to the "Settings" button you will find the “Trading status” and "Deposit" button that are explain in the next section.

Trading settings

The button below the “Trading status” can be either active or not active. Switching the button to “Not Active” will stop auto trading for the specific broker account.
The last button, “Deposit”, will take you directly to the deposit page of the broker.

At the top of the “trading settings” you will see the broker account information on the broker account that you are connected to. You can use this information as a reference if you have any questions regarding your broker account.

Below the broker account information, you will find all the trading settings that allow you to control exactly how and what you would like to trade on the specific broker account.

Trade options

In the trade options section you can control your “Daily stop loss”, “Trade amount”, “Max daily trades” and “Reverse trading”.

The “Daily stop loss” allow you to protect your trading funds, by adding a maximum amount that can be lost on a daily basis. This protected you if the marked conditions become unpredictable.

On the “Trade amount” you can select the amount that you would like to invest on each trade made.

“Max daily trades” allow you to select a maximum number of trades that you will allow the auto trading system to trade on a daily basis.

The “Reverse trading” feature can be turned on, if you feel like the auto trading robot are doing bad trades. It’s our way of letting you know, that we have nothing to hide. If you do not trust the signals then just trade the opposite by activating this feature. Using this feature is of course not advisable.

Asset options

In the asset options section you can chose which assets you want to trade. For inexperienced traders we recommend to trade all assets. If you follow the market trends you can benefit from your knowledge and adjust your trading settings.

Please note that the number of assets can varied from broker to broker and therefor it can be a good reason to have multiple broker accounts.

Risk level

In the risk level section, you can control the level of risk that you would like to trade with. Each signal that comes from our signal providers are categorize into four different risk levels, indicating how confident the signal provider are on a winning signal.

If you select low risk level the autotrading robot will place fewer trades than if you select a higher risk level. On each risk level the auto trading system will trade on all signals having a risk level lower that the selected level.

Signal time frames

In the signal time frames section you can select which signals to trade depending on the signals expire time. You can trade on signals that expire within the selected time frame. If, for example you deselect the time frame “0 - 24 hours” you will not trade on signals that expire in the next 24 hours from when the signal are received.

Signal providers

In the signal providers section you can chose which signal providers you want to follow. Each signal provider trades its own strategy and you can easily select the trader you like to follow. Just click the button next to the signal provider to select or deselect trading the signals from the signal provider.
That’s it, you are ready!
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